K-9 Division

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office utilizes K-9 officers for search and rescue, bomb detection, as well as drug interdiction.  Delaware County currently has 6 K-9's.  The sheriff's office utilizes "dual purpose" K-9's.  Currently there are 4 narcotics/patrol dogs and 2 bomb/patrol dogs.  The K-9 unit is a self sufficient unit that does not rely on the general budget.  All money used for the unit is utilized from drug seizures and a 1 week K-9 recertification that the unit hosts every year.  The money generated from this training takes care of dog food, medical expenses and any equipment needed by the unit.  The unit trains 16 hours a month and recertify every year to stay in compliance with federal guidelines.  The unit hosts 2 training days a month and several other K-9 units attend the training.  Deputy Lenny Popp is a certified K-9 trainer thru Vohn Lich Kennels.  Generally when the department purchases a new K-9 from VLK, Deputy Popp certifies the unit saving the department approximately $5,000 in cost.  The handlers take the K-9's home with them and are responsible for the K-9's on & off duty.  When a K-9 retires they are given to the handler by the department and the handler then assumes all responsibilities of the retired K-9.  The K-9 units complete several K-9 demonstrations during the year and if anyone is interested please contact the department.

     Delaware County K-9 History    

     Deputy John Siscoe & K-9 Zeus                            Deputy Steve Case & K-9 Bell

     Deputy Jack Gray & K-9 Dagger                           Deputy Jack Gray & K-9 Andor

     Deputy Mike Gibbs & K-9 Faulk                            Deputy George Sheridan & K-9 Heri

     Deputy Scott Brand & K-9 Clip                              Deputy Scott Brand & K-9 Condor

     Deputy Lenny Popp & K-9 Youri                            Deputy Dave Williams & K-9 Torro

     Deputy Lenny Popp & K-9 Balto

K-9 Units

K9-1 Brian Franklin & K-9 Eros (narcotics detection & patrol) 

K-9 Eros is a Belgium Malinois originally from Holland.  Eros was purchased by the department in 2006 from VLK.  The money to purchase Eros was donated by the Delaware County Coordinating Council.  K-9 Eros & Brian are currently assigned to the midnight shift and have assisted in several apprehensions.  Eros & Franklin attended a 5 week narcotic/patrol school here in Delaware County with K-9 trainer Lenny Popp.  K-9 Eros has made several large narcotics arrests at our local Fed-Ex.  His last find was over 3lbs of marijuana that the suspects had heat sealed, placed motor oil and fabric softener sheets inside the box to mask the odor.  K-9 Eros sniffed out the illegal marijuana and made a great case for the Delaware County Drug Task Force.  K-9 Eros is considered one of the best narcotics/patrol dog in the state by most handlers.  Eros has a great temperament and wants to be petted by everyone.  


K9-2 Scott Brand & K-9 Phoenix (bomb detection & patrol)

K-9 Phoenix is a Belgium Malinois and originally from Holland.  Phoenix is the newest K-9 to the unit being purchased in September of 2012 from VLK.  Phoenix was originally trained for the special ops community of the military and completed the entire training required by a special ops K-9 but eventually was not needed.   Phoenix was purchased by funds from a local business owner.  Phoenix & Brand attended a 5 week bomb/patrol school here in Delaware County with K-9 trainer Lenny Popp.  K-9 Phoenix & Brand are assigned to the day shift patrol and are members of our very active EOD Team.  The two have already assisted in the capture of a suspect wanted for attempted murder of police officer and shooting suspect.  Phoenix is extremely social and wants loved on and will let you know he wants some love.  Phoenix has an extremely hard bite but is very social when he is suppose to be. 



 K9-3 Lenny Popp & K-9 Rendon (narcotics & patrol)

K-9 Rendon is a 2 year old Dutch Sheppard that was originally purchased in Peru Indiana at Vohne Liche Kennels.  K-9 Rendon was purchased by donations from drug seizures.  Popp & Rendon attended a 5 week narcotic/patrol school in Delaware County.  Popp & Rendon are currently assigned to the Drug Task Force and is used on a daily basis while Popp conducts traffic stops to sniff out the drugs in vehicles.  Rendon completed training on 10/10/2014 and in his first week made 6 narcotics arrests on traffic stops and apprehended one suspect with felony warrants. Popp & Rendon are also assigned to the SWAT Team.   

K9-4 Stash Hellis & K-9 Boo (narcotics & patrol) 

K-9 Boo is a Belgium Malinois from Holland and is considered a "blue Mal" due to the blue tint on his face.  Boo was purchased by the department in April of 2010 from VLK by a donation from the Delaware Coordinating Council.  Boo & Hellis attended a 5 week narcotic/patrol school in Delaware County with K-9 trainer Lenny Popp.  Hellis & Boo are currently assigned to the afternoon shift and have been involved in many criminal apprehensions.  Boo is extremely high energy and his leaping abilities might impress Michael Jordan.  If you see a Delaware County K-9 vehicle and hear the K-9 barking that would be boo letting you know he is here and he is the "man".   



K9-5 Dave Williams & K-9 Billy (explosives & patrol)

K-9 Billy is a 2 year old German Sheppard.  K-9 Billy was purchased by donations from local businesses.  Williams & Billy attended a 5 week narcotic/patrol school in Delaware County.  Billy is currently assigned to day shift.  Billy completed training in July and has already been utilized with our EOD team searching schools for bomb threats and K-9 demos.  Billy is extremely social and lives inside the house with Dave and his family.  Billy is also assigned to the SWAT & EOD Teams.


K9-6 Jerry Parks & K-9 Sabo (narcotics & patrol)

K-9 Sabo is a 2 year old black German Sheppard purchased in Peru Indiana at Vohne Liche Kennels.  K-9 Sabo was purchased using donations by local businesses.  Parks & Sabo attended a 5 week narcotic/patrol school in Delaware County graduating on 10/10/2014.  This is Parks first time handling a police K-9 and they are both assigned to the day shift. 



RIP Kilo      K-9 Memorial      RIP Magnum   

On May 18th there was a special dedication in Anderson at the Loose Funeral Home.  The Loose family had a K-9 statue made in honor of K-9's that have served the communities and departments of Madison & Delaware Counties.  The K-9 memorial included the names of over 70 K-9's.  The Loose family will continue to honor K-9's by adding names as the K-9's serve and pass.  A special honor was made for K-9's Kilo & Magnum of the Anderson Police Department who were both killed last year in the line of duty.