Inmate Property

Jewelry – Wedding bands and religious medallions (less 2 inches in either diameter or length) may be worn.

Clothing – All inmates clothing is issued. Females can have undergarments dropped off on Sunday’s from 1pm-7pm only. Females are permitted to 3 panty briefs and 3 no wire bras on the 4th of each month. We will not accept any other clothing related type items.

Laundry – All inmates are given the opportunity to have their clothing laundered twice a week. Linens are washed once a week.

Library – We have a library cart that is run nightly. If inmates want to have books, delivered they must come directly from the publisher (NO HARD BACK BOOKS). Magazines can be dropped off on Sundays from 1pm-7pm, (limit 1), as well as a Bible, again not hard back. Inmates name must be clearly marked on the front cover of all magazines. Failure to Comply will result in magazines being refused or destroyed. Magazines containing penetration, drug content, gang content, weapons, gratuitous violence, fighting, or any materials deemed inappropriate by the jail will also be dealt with. Administration will make that decision.

Hygiene – Hygiene packs are given out at book in to all inmates. All other hygiene items can be ordered off of commissary.

Inmate Property – Property can only be released on Sunday from 7:00am-10:00am ONLY