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Cpl. Kurt Walthour receives "Grace In Time Of Need" award

Sep 18

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012  RssIcon

 The Delaware County Sheriffs Office would like to nominate Cpl. Kurt Walthour for the annual "Grace In Time Of Need" Award. Cpl. Walthour joined our reserve organization in 1998 and then was hired as a merit deputy in 2003. After joining our department Cpl. Walthour excelled as a patrol deputy and was additionally assigned to our SWAT and Bomb Teams. In February 2007 he was assigned to our Investigative Division and in March 2011 he was promoted to the rank of Corporal. Cpl. Walthour has become a great investigator and is assigned to some of our most complex and serious cases.
     Just one example of this was on June 3, 2011. Cpl. Walthour responded to a report of a homicide.  Cpl. Walthour was assigned as the lead investigator in this case and took on the responsibility of conducting a complete and thorough investigation.
     In compiling the evidence collected at the scene, interviews, and forensic evidence Cpl. Walthour made a very strong case. Cpl. Walthour worked directly with the Prosecutor's Office in building the case. In April 2012 the case went to trial and a murder conviction was obtained.
     During this case Cpl. Walthour spent hundreds of hours conducting interviews, reviewing evidence, and preparing with the prosecutor's staff to present the evidence to the jury. Cpl. Walthour's dedication to the victim, victim's family, and the citizens of Delaware County should be commended. The hard work and sacrifice put forth by Cpl. Walthour greatly benefits the community and criminal justice system. The Delaware County Sheriff's Office and the community are very lucky to have Cpl. Walthour working for us.


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